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Company Profile

Eagle Technologies is a renewable energy products manufacturing company promoted by technocrats. We were known for our expertise in manufacture of solar systems and customization. Eagle Technologies offer a range of products to customers that meet their exact requirements with out compromising on specification, performance or cost expectation.

The company is equipped with in-house facility to manufacture Solar systems. The entire team of Eagle Technologies is committed to quality and customer focused. The expertise available in the company ensures one-stop-shop for Solar energy products.

The company is continually working towards 'Customer satisfaction' by providing Quality Product, Timely Delivery and after sales service.

The Eagle Technologies is certified by ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 Certification, BIS Certification, DGS&D approval certification and also approved channel partner of MNRE to provide benefits to customers (Govt.of India).

Eagle has built up a solid reputation in market as leading manufacturers of Solar Water Heaters, Bio-mass Boilers.

Eagle technologies is focusing on Domestic ,Non-Domestic and commercial Utility Customers by providing Quality, Reliable, Nature friendly and Economical Fuel Consumption heaters & solar water heaters suitable customer needs.

User Manual

1) How to install a Eagle solar water heater

  • Shadow free , flat surface area required.
  • Cold water tank to be located more than 6feet from the SWH installation terrace surface.
  • Cold and hot water pipe minimum dia 20mm and above.
  • Separate cold water pipeline to be taken from cold water tank.(common pipeline may cause of reverse flow of hot water)
  • Recommended water hardness less than 140ppm, inflow water pressure less than 1kg for regular models. Pressurized, heat exchange, forced circulation type and customized models can be installed according to site inspection.
  • SWH system to be installed nearby utility points.
  • Hot & Cold mixed taps electric geysers line to be checked before installing of solar system.
  • Availability of qualified plumber.

2) Pipe Line Insulation

From the solar system to the usage point the hot water pipe line should be completely insulated, so that the running hot water maintain and the temperature, you can use Asbestos rope and PVC pipe covering or Rockwool aluminum sheet cladding, but purpose are same.

3) Solar System Location

  • Before Solar system installation the following points have to be in mind.
  • Collector should be placed facing towards south.
  • The tolerance of 150 C to 200 C towards East or West if permissible.
  • Shadow free area.
  • Flat surface area minimum 1.5mtr. x 2.5mtr.(100LPD)

4) User Tips

  • To get the best temperature of hot water from our system hot water should be used either in the morning or in the evening with minimum time between withdrawals.
  • Do not withdraw more hot water than the rated capacity of system everyday.(e.g 100LPD means 100Ltrs per day).
  • Out of 365 days in a year you may not get hot water when there rainy, cloudy weather. That time you can use Electric back-up heater (Which is assembled in solar tank) as a alternative , within 30-40 minutes you will get hot water

5) Trouble Shooting

6) Maintenance And Service

  • Eagle solar water heaters are designed to be maintenance free. Because of the thermo siphon principle there are some steps that can maintain the functioning of your solar water heater at peak efficiency and thereby increase the electricity savings.
  • Clean the glass regularly, dust and dirt will settle on the glass and this will block the sunlight there by decreasing the efficiency of the system.
  • Depending on the surrounding (close to the road , dusty environment), it is advised to clean the collector glass from once in 15 days to several times a year.
  • Try to prevent any shadow falling on the collector, if growing trees are causing a shadow on the collector in shade, trim the trees if possible to enable maximum sunshine to fall on the collector.
  • Be sensitive with use of hot water, try to minimize the time between successive withdrawals of hot water to save the hot water in the line connected to the tap from getting cold.
  • Draw hot water at a slow rate, as this avoid mixing of hot water and cold water in the storage tank.
  • Leave thermostat of the electric back up as low as is comfortable. A temperature of 65oC is usually sufficient. A higher setting will cause higher electricity bill.
  • Ensure that there is always cold water supply to the solar water heater. Always leave the valve on the cold water inlet open and take care that the cold water tank is always filled with water.

7)Technical Specifications- Domestic(FPC Type)

8)Technical Specifications-NOn-Domestic(FPC Type)



Institutional and commercial installations of Eagle solar water heaters.

  • M/s. My-ch.nagar Milk Union ( KMF)
  • M/s. JSS Boys Hostel – Bogadi, Mysore
  • M/s. Vokkaligara Girls Hostel – Vijayanagar, Mysore
  • M/s. Pattana panchayat OFFICE Govt.of.Karnataka Hassan
  • M/s. Chitra Residency – Mysore
  • M/s. Prakruthi – Madikeri, Coorg
  • M/s. Hotel Panchami- Halladakeri, Mysore
  • Mrs. B.T.Vijayamma – Bannur Ring Road, Mysore
  • M/s. Jayalakshmi PG Hostel – Mysore
  • M/s. Mothers Bounty Holiday Resort – Coorg
  • M/s. Tamilandu Merchant Association, Halladakeri, Mysore
  • M/s. Venture Steels pvt. Ltd. PUNA. M.H.
  • M/s. Shivaguru Comferts (Lodge) – Mysore
  • M/s. Pradeep lodge, agrahara, mysore
  • M/s. Hotel Armani Residency - Kerala
  • M/s. Kamakshi Hostel - Hootagalli, Mysore
  • M/s.Venkateshwar associates, chamarajanagar.
  • M/s. Hotel Presidence –Kushalnagar, Coorg
  • M/s. Manjamma Apartment – Girinagar, Bangalore
  • M/s. Sister,annie chollareds, subhashnagar, mysore
  • M/s. Sankalp group of villas. V
  • M/s. Rajeev education trust & Rajeev institute. Hassan
  • M/s. Hotel.S.C.V.D.S. Harsha road, Mysore
  • M/s. R.K.Royal lodge, ashoka road, Mysore
  • M/s. Shreyas Deluxe Lodge – Mysore

Solar Thermal Awards 2012 - 2013

We are happy to inform you that M/S Eagle Technologies has been chosen for Solar Thermal Awards 2012 - 2013 for securing third Position among Channel Partners for Solar Water Heating Systems increase of SWHS Installation from last year for the Year 2012-13. The award has been received from Hon'ble Minister Mr. Farooq Abdullah New and Renewable Energy on 17.12.2013. Team Eagle solar give thanks to all our Suppliers, Supporters, Customers, Dealers, Workers, Technical team, Advertisers.