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Salient Future of Bio mass water heater

  • Can be installed on ground floor, terrace or anywhere in between.
  • Requires very less space of 18''X18".
  • Maximum fuel converted into heat, Insulted tank protects from heat loss.
  • 100% safe and compact design.
  • Maintenance free and efficient.
  • Save 70% fuel, gives hot water all the time.
  • Mild Steel for higher performance.
  • High quality metals used for grater safely & efficiency.
  • Extensive Quality control assure 100% efficient models.
  • Useful for all applications like lodges , hospitals, resorts hostels , home stay, industries, etc.
  • 3-in-1 models (Gas , Electricity, Firewood) and customized models available.
  • 365 days online customer care centre.
  • Fuel option :Firewood, Coconut Shells, Waste paper, Briquette any burning materials.

Our Strength & Commitments

  • Prompt delivery and after sale service.
  • All products are under warranty.
  • Onsite service support.
  • Ready inventories of all models.
  • State of the art technology manufacturing plants.
  • Karnataka's Largest Manufacturers of Domestic and Non-Domestic water heating Systems.

Available Domestic Models:

  • 40Ltr
  • 85Ltr
  • 110Ltr
  • 150Ltr
  • 200Ltr

Commercial Models:

  • 300Ltr
  • 400Ltr
  • 500Ltr
  • 750Ltr
  • 1000Ltr And Above.