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We believe in our teamwork of our well qualified and experienced professionals who are highly dedicated in providing suitable solar water heating systems to our clients with a clear understanding of their specific requirements. Giving guidance to our esteemed customer is our passion of service.

Pre Sales Services:

The technical team conducts an assessment of customer's site for a Solar system installation. This allows us to provide a formal quotation including all aspects of installation.

Based on the site survey the team will guide the customer about the pre requisite to install the system such as required pipe line, tank height, cold water storage tank height and other necessary requirements.

Solar Water Heating Systems are modular hence can be designed to suit the customer requirements. Based on the site survey we will specify a Solar technology and the number of panels that can be installed in your premises. We position the solar tank and collectors the pipeline route ensuring that you receive the optimum output possible for your system.


We provide comprehensive installation services. Our project team will organize all the logistics around the installations such as access equipments, plumbing connections & installations etc. We will also test & Commission of the installed system and provides the customer a demo on the functioning of system. The customer is also equipped with an operation and maintenance manual.

Solar water heating system do not need regular maintenance, however we will provide service back up for our customers if they face any trouble in the system.